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Meet Philippe Joly

Also known in China as Langsen 狼森 (literally "Wolf Forest")

Philippe Joly is a french actor living in Hong Kong, best known for regularly playing gangster roles in action films in Hong Kong and Mainland China. He was born on January 2, 1976 in Moscow, Russia, and grew up in Paris. He started his acting career late, playing small roles and was lucky to appear alongside major stars such as Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau. In 2015, he got cast in a supporting role in "Pound of Flesh", in which he played the character Zoltan facing his childhood idol, Jean-Claude VanDamme. Shortly after, he got cast in another supporting role, with Jackie Chan this time, playing one of John Cusack's trusted generals in the film "Dragon Blade" (天將雄師) also starring Adrien Brody. In 2018, he played a henchman in the popular Hong Kong series "OCTB" Season 1 (反黑) on Netlfix, and is now being cast in bigger roles. He plays the lead villain, Mick (Mr. M) in the Chinese action film "The Ultimate Code" (终极代码) in cinemas across China on July 16, 2021, also starring fellow french actor and founder of Parkour David Belle, and Wu Zhiting, who also directs.

Most recent projects include a movie starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu-wai (working title "Golden Finger") in which is plays a leader of the KGB. He also plays Enzo in the star-stud film "Sons Of the Neon Night" (風林火山) by Hong Kong director Juno Mak, starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung ka-fai, Lau ching-wan, and Louis Koo. He faced Andy On in the film "Abduction" produced by Roger Corman for iQiyi, also starring Scott Adkins. He also played a part in Herman Yau's "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords" (扫毒2天地对决), as well as the popular TV show "Flying Tiger" Season 2 and Season 3 (飛虎之雷霆極戰). He made an appearance in the Chinese film "Battle of Defense 2" (捍战2) starring Robert Knepper, and last but not least, he played the character Joey, a high-tempered squad leader that takes the heroes into a fast-paced action adventure in the Chinese sci-fi production "Variant" (星际变种).


An overview of some past film projects ranging from big budget produtions to Indie films, in no particular order.

Pound Of Flesh
Mission Milano
Dragon Blade
Sons Of The Neon Night
Change of Gangster
OCTB Season 1
The White Storm 2: Drug Lords
Flying Tiger 2
Ghost In the Shell
From Vegas To Macau
Little Big Master
Lust and Found
The Angel
Agent Mr Chan
Bonus for the bullseye
Battle of Defense 2
Not Today
Bloody River: Chapter The Legacy
Trigger Happy
Flying Tiger 3
Ultimate Code

Live your passion

Turning a passion into a career is not an easy task, especially when your passion is to become an actor. I was fortunate to get involved in action films in Hong Kong and Mainland China, as an actor. Then I explored more of the filmmaking process and got to work, both in front and behind the camera, on a number of projects, some big budget films, but also Indie films, TV shows, and radio.

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In a nutshell

These are some main elements of my journey in the film industry and a good overview of what I have been up to since I decided to make it my career.


I think it was Tony Robbins, who said "Find a job you love, and you'll never have to work another day in your life". Well, for me that job is acting. I love being on a film set, and I miss it, when I am not. I simply love the process of creating and becoming a new character for a while. I mostly play gangsters and villains of all sorts.


I fell in love with writing as a kid, but it was only when I published my first book, that I truly started appreciating what writing was about. I then started writing screenplays, and I fell in love with that form of creative writing. I have written a dozen screenplays so far, mostly for short independent films.


I would not call myself a director just yet, but I have had the pleasure to direct a few Indie short films. Directing a film is fascinating, and directing a film that you wrote adds a satisfaction of seeing scenes from your script performed to prefection by another actor. I aspire to direct more, and hone my filmmaking skills.


I have produced a few Indie films and some TV projects. Coming from the entrepreneurial world, and having run a few companies, I think I have the skills to be a decent producer, as I tend to find efficient solutions to problems, and have grown a large network of skilled people over the years.


I am definitely not a model, and don't aspire to become one, but I have worked in the fashion industry, and was involved in the modelling world a lot, so I understand the needs of a photoshoot. I do also like the aesthetic of a good photo. I have been lucky to do a few commercials and fashion shoots.

Giving back

Corporates talk about CSR, but I believe that it doesn't stop there. We simply have a Human Social Responsibility. I've been involved with a few charities over the years, contributed to many Indie projects, and recently became a brand ambassador for Mentalideas.org, which aims at raising awareness about mental health issues.

When you have to shoot, shoot! Don't talk!

In an industry where people talk a lot, I am all for less talk, and more action. If you are interested in a collaboration on a project, please get in touch and let's get it done.

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Featured Photos

Selection of photos taken from various Films, Photoshoots, and Behind The Scene (BTS). For more photos, explore my Social Media accounts @LangsenOfficial (this is my official account on the major social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

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Philippe Joly - Photo credit: Karl Dominik. Photo taken on set of sci-fi movie Variant 星际变种 (China)


Playing the character Joey
in this Sci-fi movie, China
Philippe Joly - Still with Temur Mamisashvili in the Indie film Vor (Hong Kong)


Indie movie, Hong Kong
Philippe Joly - Still from Ultimate Code 终极代码 (China)

Ultimate Code

Playing the main villain Mick
in this action movie, China
Philippe Joly - Still photo with John Cusack in Dragon Blade (China)

Dragon Blade

Period movie with Jackie Chan, John Cusack
and Adrien Brody, China
Philippe Joly - Promo video for luxury tailor Tai Pan Row (Hong Kong)


Tai Pan Row luxury tailor, promo video
by Bao Bao films, Hong Kong
Philippe Joly - Photoshoot in Hong Kong by Mediative Photography


Photo credit: Mediative Photography
Hong Kong
Philippe Joly with David Belle - Opening ceremony of Ultimate Code 终极代码 (China)

Ultimate Code

Playing the main villain in this action movie
Opening ceremony in China with David Belle
Philippe Joly - Behind the scenes, sci-fi film Variant 星际变种 (China)


Sci-fi movie. Behind the scenes, China
Philippe Joly - Photoshoot in Hong Kong by Mediative Photography


Photo credit: Mediative Photography

Featured News

Here are some selected featured videos, but more news are available in the NEWS section of this website.

Acting Showreel - Philippe Joly
My latest Acting Showreel Philippe Joly

Showreel with scenes from "Pound Of Flesh" with JCVD, "Flying Tiger 3" with Bosco Wong, "Ultimate Code" with David Belle, "Abduction" with Andy On, and a nice scene from "Captured".

Philippe Joly - Ultimate Code (movie release: July 16, 2021 in China)
Lead Villain in "Ultimate Code" (终极代码)

I play the villain Mick in the action movie "Ultimate Code" (终极代码), starring alongside Wu Zhiting, Parkour founder David Belle, Meng Lu, and more. Theatrical Release in China on July 16, 2021.

Interview - South China Morning Post
South China Morning Post Interview

Interview in South China Morning Post (SCMP) about playing the villain in action films in Hong Kong and Mainland China, the bad guy niche I fill, and what I call the Art of Dying for a Living.

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