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Philippe Joly - Ultimate Code movie in cinemas in China July 16
Ultimate Code

I had the pleasure to play the villain in the action movie "Ultimate Code" (终极代码) starring alongside Wu Zhiting, Parkour founder David Belle, and Meng Lu. The film is released in cinemas across China on July 16, 2021.

Philippe Joly - Flying Tiger 3
Flying Tiger 3

I had the pleasure to play a Russian mafia boss in the crime action drama web television series produced by Shaw Brothers, season 3 of FLying Tiger (飛虎之壯志英雄) with scenes full of action, and firing power in this one.

Philippe Joly - Guest on Reality TV Les Anges 12: Asian Dream
Les Anges 12: Asian Dream

As a guest on the french reality TV show Les Anges 12 in Hong Kong, I took 3 candidates Tiffany, Matthieu and Jonathan on an acting journey over a few episodes, from casting to coaching and filming. The show is airing on NRJ12 in France.

Philippe Joly - Bonus for the Bullseye (short film)
Bonus for the Bullseye

I directed this short comedy film, full of colourful characters, exploring an imaginary underground world of hitmen and women, with Andreas Guzman at the camera.

Philippe Joly - NOT TODAY (short film)

I directed and filmed this short film NOT TODAY on a mobile phone, for World Suicide Prevention Day #WSPD2020, in order to raise awareness on the topic of suicide prevention.

Philippe Joly - LOST (short film)

A short film about loss and grief, which we directed and shot in just 2h, on a mobile phone, on a sunny afternoon, in Hong Kong. Great performance by Anthony Roussel as the grieving dad.

Philippe Joly - Director Bloody River (Chapter: The Legacy)
Bloody River

Both acting and directing for this chapter of the Bloody River project called THE LEGACY. Shot in just 2h with Thomas Sandfield behind the camera and a nice performance by Anthony Roussel.

Philippe Joly - Roger Corman #CormanChallenge DENIAL short film

The rules of the #CormanChallenge for Roger Corman's Quarantine Film Festival were simple: Make a 2 min short film, at home, using just your mobile phone. The short film DENIAL is our entry.

Philippe Joly - Trigger Happy (short film)
Trigger Happy

I wrote and directed this short film, which we shot in Hong Kong with my talented friend Thomas Sandfield behind the camera, in the context of the french reality TV show "Les Anges 12: Asian Dream").

Philippe Joly - Sci-fi film Variant
Sci-fi film Variant

The sci-fi film Variant 星际变种, in which I play the military squad leader Joey, is in post production and will hit the big screen in China soon.

Philippe Joly - The White Storm 2: Drug Lords / 扫毒2天地对决
The White Storm 2

Herman Yau's The White Storm 2: Drug Lords 扫毒2天地对决 starring Andy Lau and Louis Koo wins Hong Kong Film Award for Best Visual Effects.

Philippe Joly - Flying Tiger season 2 / 飛虎之雷霆極戰
Flying Tiger 2

The Shaw Brother web series Flying Tiger 2 飛虎之雷霆極戰 has set a record as the first Hong Kong drama to reach #1 in Mainland China. Now airing on TVB.

Philippe Joly - Defended War 2 / 捍战2
Defended War 2

It's a wrap for me on the new war movie 捍战2 directed by Yunpeng Xie starring Zhaoqi Shi and Robert Knepper.

Philippe Joly - SCMP
Discussing Bruce Lee

South China Morning Post "Bruce Lee's legacy lives on 45 years after his death" Interview with TV producer Robert Chua.

Philippe Joly - AppleDaily LifeStyle
AppleDaily Lifestyle

Interview in AppleDaily lifestyle about the Art of Dying for a Living and being an actor in action movies in Hong Kong.

Philippe Joly - Life On Lantau Magazine
Life On Lantau Magazine

On the cover of the February/March issue of Life On Lantau magazine. Nice interview by film critic and reviewer, Elizabeth Kerr.

Philippe Joly - HK Daily Newspaper
HK Daily Newspaper

Nice interview about juggling my two careers in the Hong Kong Daily Newspaper and online edition

Philippe Joly - Polo After Dark 2018 Party
Polo After Dark 2018 Party

Attending the HK Polo Team's charity event at CéLaVi with radio host and comedy partner Sadie Kaye.

Philippe Joly - Gweilo RFC Series Episode 3
Gweilo RFC - Episode 3

Third installement of our rugby comedy series "Gweilo RFC" on Setanta Sports / NOW TV. In this one, Pierre is in trouble with a some big Samoans.

Philippe Joly - Opening Ceremony in China for sci-fi film Variant
Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony in the Gobi desert (YinChuan, China) for the chinese production "Variant", a sci-fi action adventure film.

Philippe Joly - Mental Ideas Ambassador
Mental Ideas Ambassador

I became a brand ambassador for, a project led by Sadie Kaye, which aims at raising awareness about mental health issues.

Philippe Joly - Interview in Trait d'Union Magazine
Trait d'Union Magazine

Nice interview (in french) in the magazine Trait d'Union that serves the french expat communities in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mailand China.

Philippe Joly - Interview in The Mighty Dragon blog
The Mighty Dragon

Interview with Vikky Thomas for her blog The Mighty Dragon. we talk about what it means to be a foreign actor in action films in Greater China.

Philippe Joly - Kraftek Octa Kickstarter Video
Kraftek Kickstarter Video

Kraftek successfully raised funds on Kickstarter for its Apple Watch case inspired by Classic Swiss Timepieces and make a luxurious statement.

Philippe Joly - The Angel wins Best Suspense Short film at NYC Chain Film Festival
Best Suspense Short film

Our short film "The Angel", written and directed by Owen Fitzpatrick, won the Best Suspense short film at the 6th annual NYC Chain Film Festival.

Philippe Joly - SCMP Bruce Lee Tribute
SCMP Bruce Lee Tribute

On the 45th Anniversary of Bruce Lee's death, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) interviewed me alongside TV producer Robert Chua and others.

Philippe Joly - With Ryusei Imai
Bruce Lee Tribute Dinner

To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Bruce Lee's death, we organised a tribute dinner and invited the hard-working Ryusei Imai (a.k.a. mini Bruce Lee), as a guest.

Philippe Joly - With actress Sharon Kwok and producer Robert Chua
Bruce Lee Tribute Dinner

During our 45th Anniversary Tribute dinner for Bruce Lee, Hong Kong actress Sharon Kwok pulled my name in the lucky draw for a token commemorative prize.

Philippe Joly - Gweilo RFC Series Episode 2
Gweilo RFC - Episode 2

Episode 2 of our rugby comedy series "Gweilo RFC" on Setanta Sports / NOW TV. In this one, we introduce actor and stuntman Tom Caserto, as the spy.

Philippe Joly - Gweilo RFC Series Episode 1
Gweilo RFC - Episode 1

Episode 1 of our rugby comedy series "Gweilo RFC" on Setanta Sports / NOW TV. It's the first training session for the GWEILO rugby team.

Philippe Joly - Film Call Me Agent
Wrap on "Call Me Agent"

It's a wrap for me on the action comedy "Call Me Agent", co-directed by HK director Eric Lam, who wrote the screenplay, and Malaysian director Michael Chuah, who also serves as producer.

Philippe Joly - Acting Showreel
Acting Showreel

This Showreel includes scenes from various movies such as "Pound Of Flesh" with JCVD, "Mission Milano" with Andy Lau, "OCTB", some Indie movies "Angel", "Captured", and many deaths on screen.

Philippe Joly - Radio sketches with Sadie Kaye on RTHK
RTHK Skits with Sadie Kaye

I partnered with radio host, actress and all around funny comedy woman Sadie Kaye for a series of sketches on her show "Miss Adventure" on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).

Philippe Joly - Interview in Mingpao Newspaper (Hong Kong)
Mingpao Newspaper

A nice page spread interview (in Chinese) in Mingpao, one of Hong Kong's leading newspapers, discussing my acting career, how I got my Chinese name Langsen, and some life choices leading to today.

Philippe Joly on The Ashley Talks Podcast
The Ashley Talks Podcast

In this episode 4 of The Ashley Talk Podcast, Ashley interviews me about my acting journey, how I got the Chinese name Langsen, and making movies in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Philippe Joly - wrap on the Chinese action film Ultimate code
Wrap on "Ultimate Code"

Just before Chinese New Year, I wrapped on "Ultimate Code", my biggest role to date, as the main villain in this big Chinese action production that will hit the theatres in mid 2019.

Philippe Joly - Photo from Abduction with Andy On, Mike Leeder, Brahim Chab, Temur Mamisashvili, Craig Miller, Tiger Huang, and Tim Man.
Wrap on "Abduction"

It's a wrap for my character Mogilov on "Abduction", a sci-fi action movie produced by Roger Corman for iQiyi, directed by Ernie Barbarash, starring Scott Adkins, and Andy On.

Philippe Joly with Semiquaver Iafeta wearing Malosi apparel
Malosi time

After finishing our shoot on the popular HK series OCTB Season 1, my buddy Semiquaver Iafeta (yes the rugby dude), offered me this top from his Malosi brand collection.

Philippe Joly - Opening ceremony of the film Ultimate Code (China)
Ceremony "Ultimate Code"

Doing my little speech during the Traditional film opening ceremony in FengHuang, China for the Chinese action film "Ultimate Code", in which I play the main villain, Mick (Mr. M).

Philippe Joly with David Belle in China
In China with David Belle

Bonding with my buddy David Belle (founder of Parkour and fellow actor) in the beautiful city of Fenghuang, China, during the filming of the Chinese production "Ultimate Code".

Philippe Joly plays Enzo in Sons Of The Neon Night by Hong Kong director Juno Mak
"Sons Of The Neon Night"

Such an honour to be part of this beautiful movie by director Juno Mak. A star-stud production with Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung ka-fai, Lau Ching-wan, Louis Koo. I play the Italian character Enzo.

Philippe Joly - Media ceremony for Ultimate Code (China)
Ceremony "Ultimate Code"

The first official media ceremony in Shenzhen, China, to announce the cast of the action film "Ultimate Code", in which I play the main villain character, Mick (Mr. M), who must be stopped at all costs.

Philippe Joly also known as Langsen in China
Langsen is Official

The first time my chinese name 狼森 was actualy written on the walls of the red carpet at the ceremony for "Ultimate Code" in Shenzhen, China.

Philippe Joly - Becoming Langsen 狼森 in China
Becoming Langsen 狼森

I was given the name Langsen 狼森 (literally "Wolf Forest") in China, because everytime I was there, someone would tell me that I reminded them of the Wolverine.

Philippe Joly - HK SAR 20th Anniversary TV Commercial
HK SAR 20th Anniversary

I played a University professor in the TV Commercial promoting the celebration of Hong Kong SAR 20th Anniversary since the handover in 1997.

Philippe Joly - Promo Video for luxury tailor Tai Pan Row
Tai Pan Row Promo Video

Promo video for luxury tailor and brand "Tai Pan Row" to mark the opening of their new store in the IFC, Hong Kong. A video by Bao Bao films, directed by Evangelo Costadimas.

Philippe Joly - Interview in AroundDB Magazine (Hong Kong)
AroundDB Magazine

Interview in AroundDB Magazine discussing making movies, and living the celluloid dream in Hong Kong. The interview looks at filmmakers and actors living in Discovery Bay.

Philippe Joly - Interview in CGuide Magazine Macau
CGuide Magazine Macau

Interview in the cGuide magazine in Macau dicussing a few Independent films including "VOR: Trust Me I'm a Thief", I directed, and "My Name is Tanyusha" I co-wrote and produced.

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